Time To Get A Small T.s.c. (too. Stinkin.’ Adorable.)

Wed 21 January 2015

Not many people are bummed out on Wednesday! “ Hill Flower Take the milk goat looks not fairly unhappy, M is said by ”. UPDATED! RESIDE GOAT CAM!!! http://cuteoverload.com/2015/01/19/oh-snap/

Chiang Mai Bear Pet Discovered!

Mihai Francu has put together a terrific compilation of Adorable Puppeh Films. It would become a greater planet if we viewed it rightnow and all only stopped what we do. (Speakers up for this, too.) http://cuteoverload.com/2015/01/19/time-for-a-little-t-s-c-too-stinkin-cute/

Sing Together With Maggie!

It’s such as an endless milk opening or something! I’ve got places to become, y’know? http://cuteoverload.com/2015/01/19/how-much-does-this-thing-eat-anyway/

Oh, Snap!

Listen to little Maggie The Doxie sign along with her hoomin- and don’t miss The Non-Stop Tail Wagging Motion, often. http://cuteoverload.com/2015/01/20/sing-along-with-maggie/

Rats, It’s Monday! (BONUS Edition!)

McGinty almost tripped on the twenty-base carrot. http://cuteoverload.com/2015/01/19/this-meeting-of-the-loyal-order-of-hamster-wizards-will-now-come-to-order/

How Much Does This Matter Eat, Anyway?

And those brought to…the Chiang Mai Bear Dog! http://cuteoverload.com/2015/01/19/chiang-mai-bear-dog-spotted/

This Meeting of the Faithful Purchase of Hamster Wizards Will Now Arrived At Obtain

Enclosed are a few images of my children. Above, there’s an image of the two of these together: Ziegler within Otto and the front is behind him. The final photograph is Ziegler ‘smiling’ for that camera. http://cuteoverload.com/2015/01/19/rats-its-monday-bonus-edition/