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Sat 17 January 2015

14, the most in record going back to 2008, according to exchange data compiled by Bloomberg. The futures market can help oil ETFs when immediate prices are higher than later months, an arrangement known as backwardation. WTI traded at an average backwardation of 68 cents from Aug. 31, 2007, to April 30, 2008.

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This basic economic principle applies just as much to the financial markets as it does other prices. In fact,you can make a great case that the Fed limiting supply of Treasuries over the past few years has been a major factor in their incredible surge. By the same token, theres one chart that has stuck in my mind over the past year or so since it peaked.And that is the chart of total margin debt more specifically, the chart of net credit balances in brokerage accounts: Chart via Doug Short As you can see, we are currently witnessing the largest negative balance in brokerage accounts on record (second-most ever relative to GDP ). Looking back over the past couple of decades its plain to see that stock prices have either benefitted or suffered from ebbs and flows in supply (stock for sale) and demand (stock for purchase). The runup during the internet bubblebenefitted from a massive amount of demand for equities fueled by rapidly expanding margin debt.

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The move set off the potential for a variety of profitable plays, ranging from commodities to global stocks and exchange-traded funds. For CNBC "Fast Money" trader Tim Seymour, the "seismic" currency event immediately signaled a boost for gold . "Gold has been starting to break out. This pushed gold through key levels," Seymour said. Getty Images The metal ended at a four-month high, above $1,260 on Thursday. Traders Brian Kelly and Guy Adami agreed that it could spring even higher. Read More What the Swiss franc shock means for markets The SPDR Gold Trust , a gold-linked ETF, catches Kelly's eye if gold continues to climb higher amid currency uncertainty. A boost to gold could also prove lucrative for miners, and Adami sees the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF shining after the Swiss National Bank's move.

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NEW YORK ( TheStreet ) --Intel ( INTC ) reported a top- and bottom-line earnings beat for the fourth quarter Thursday, but guidance was below Street expectations for the first quarter. "I don't think you'll get hurt being long Intel here," Guy Adami, managing director of, said on CNBC's "Fast Money" TV show. The stock has had a big rally over the past 12 months, but at 15 times 2015 earnings the valuation isn't that bad, he reasoned. Adami is a buyer near $35. Must Read: These 5 Stocks Look 'Toxic' For Investors in 2015: Deutsche Bank and More Over the past few years, Intel tends to sell off on earnings, only to rally higher within a few trading sessions, according to Tim Seymour, managing partner of Triogem Asset Management. He acknowledged the PC market remains challenged, but investors can buy the stock on a slightly deeper pullback based on the company's exposure to mobile. Intel is likely to see growth from the wearable technology market, said Steve Grasso, director of institutional sales at Stuart Frankel. While the stock has generally been viewed as a "safety" play, shares will go down if the broader market sells off. The company hasn't diversified enough of its business away from the PC market , saidBrian Kelly, founder of Brian Kelly Capital.

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The gap between the first two months closed at 69 cents on Jan. 12, the biggest since February 2013. Average Contango The front and second month contracts traded in an average contango of 87 cents from 2009 to 2012, when oil prices jumped to $91.82 from $44.60. The U.S. Oil Fund, the biggest U.S. oil ETF, climbed 0.8 percent during the period.