Need Some Help Water Rockfish

Wed 29 October 2014

The Catchin' for Kids Rockfish Tournament has been scheduled for December 5th and 6th. Plans are underway for activities and setting out the Toy Boxes for the Toy drive. See the attached file of sponsors for dates.

Good Information ASMFC striped bass meetings going on now

Left Fourth Island at 3 and back to Lynnhaven inlet at 3:12. Yep that's right!!! Those new ETECS Bruce just got make that 32 Intrepid fly!!

Link to listen live here: . Supplemental info (if you sent a letter, you should find it here):

Good Information Solomon's Boat Ramp

I never had my boat in the water this late in the season and i would like to try and troll off the beach for rockfish. Any suggestions on what lures work best and what speed to troll?

Fishing Report Fourth Island was on fire

On 10-10-14 I caught and released a 47" Red Drum around the third island, I took 4 pictures and showed the pictures to Lynnhaven Boatel Weight Master, he gave me the necessary paperwork to fill out and once he verified I did not have the fish on the boat and looked at the pictures, he signed the certification block and said he would mail them in. Well today I found a letter from Va saltwater fishing tournament director stating they denied my 47" red drum citation because I did not include my pictures. They sent me their tournament rule book stating I did not include my pictures based upon Rule 1 (f) states when you are alone you have to provide and include a clear picture showing the fish and ruler.

Fishing Report South River/Middle Bay info

The 19 was on a #2 planer, 6 bars back, chartreuse bucktail tandem with white sassy shad, and the 27 was on 6oz of lead, 10 bars, tandem bucktail with a yellow head, white hair, and chartreuse sassy shad. There is bait everywhere, birds working all over the place, but I tended to stay way outside of all of that action because it smelled like bluefish.

Good Information If fishing alone and you catch and release a citation fish, you better take good pictures

Just a head's up to those launching out of Solomon's. A large barge along with tug's are anchored very close to the ramps; for the LNG project I assume. Watch out for submerged lines from the tug. As long as you steer well clear of them you should be fine, but I noticed one on my way in Monday morning.