Maybe You Have Played… Crusader – No Remorse

Wed 29 October 2014

Sproggiwood can be a cutesy, goofy, top-down switch-based RPG-cum-roguelite. With city-building elements. Like buses, eh? I’ve had an excellent play of it, and can provide you with some impressions.

The Elitist, Part Three: Deciding On A Fight

It was the silence that concerned me. I had dropped out-of warp in to a wallet of space noted as a ‘High Power Combat Zone’ on my information, and yet when I investigated the exact distance there was only clear, tranquil place.

Ural ‘Orrible Deaths: First Person Spooker Kholat

you ought to download it at the same time since it could be much better than my thoughts of isometric carnage recommended. It’s agame of tactical assault covered in a sci-fi motion covering that is not equally darkly utopian and greatly technicoloured.

Nine walkers died in Russia’s Ural mountains in 1959 after lowering their covering available from the inside and scattering barefoot to the snowfall. Their corpses were located weeks and months some with pains that were odd. And firstperson dread Kholat is influenced by that history.