Birthday Pomerina!

Mon 29 September 2014

“Hello! My wonderful Pomerina is having a boost nowadays for her first b-day. Desire she makes the slice for that site! We got her a piñ; ata, macaroons, sweets, queen caps, new plushies of confetti.” -Barby.

Disc-inclined to Help

…’til certainly one of C.O.’s greatest times of the season- ‘Tocktober First! Twenty four hours er, of ‘Tocktastic, ‘Tocks. And who do we've here on Bunday, BTW?

T-Minus Three Days To-Go…

Ventus The Corgi (R) says, “We could all be friends…if I have the first bite.” I believe your fellow Corgi in the centre has different tips there, V.

Serious Stink-Eye In The Middle There

How about Death, Death, Pancakes, and Demise by Sçtimeëêçhår? Properly, we got a large shipment of steel week that was last, so in just one of the on second considered nbsp ;it isn’t. Sinking by Lorelei Whistenbleen in Delighted Sadness? I think that’s… Truly, you know what?


Washington People pitcher Gio Gonzalez’s Frenchie Stitch salutes Yankees star Derek Jeter on his ultimate game today. From Mary H.